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Alia Shawkat- Iraqi-Kurdish, Irish, Norwegian.

stupid stupid stupid stupid

good day good day good day

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"I told the truth on my job application about my past drug use, and they sent me a letter saying I didn’t meet their standards of integrity."
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" The exquisite pain of wanting someone so unattainable. "
Tribute to Kris Trappeniers.
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MOON MOSAIC — A gorgeous image of the Moon from Noel Carboni via NASA: “No single exposure can easily capture faint stars along with the subtle colors of the Moon. But this dramatic composite view highlights both. The mosaic digitally stitches together fifteen carefully exposed high resolution images of a bright, gibbous Moon and a representative background star field. The fascinating color differences along the lunar surface are real, though highly exaggerated, corresponding to regions with different chemical compositions.” (NASA)
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Max Jensen, Großes Marinestück (c. 1880) / Arctic Monkeys, Potion Approaching (2009)
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j’ai tué ma mère (2009)